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Robert Kubica vs Bartosz Marszałek
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Lego F1 Grand Prix - Ferrari vs McLaren


Lego Formula 1 Grand Prix!


Since the release of the new Lego Speed Champions Sets, I got the urge to transform that into a Lego racers animation.


Lack of more bricks to make more F1 Cars made me decide to do a face off lego race between Ferrari and McLaren.


For this movie, I've been using several frame rate speeds. Most is 20 FPS, however, some fragments as well all the slow motion are 30FPS. Scenes with mini figures are as usually 15 FPS with some exceptions of 18 and 20.

Sets Used:

75913 F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck
75912 Porsche 911 GT Finish Line
75911 McLaren Mercedes Pit Stop
75908 458 Italia GT2

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Durata 04:10
Postato 19 ago 2015
Serie Formula 1
Team Ferrari , McLaren
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