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GoPro: 193 steps with a Supercar: Korres Project 4: Greek Vendetta


Korres Project 4 : a Greek designed all terrain prototype Supercar, designed by Dimitris Korres.
In this video the Supercar climb very easy the 193 steps of the very high st. Nicolas street stairway in Patras Greece using normal street legal tires. The Supercar is driven by the famous Greek driver Panagiotis Kaitatzis several times karting, rally, circuit and formula champion in Greece and Europe.
The video shot is made for the short Youtube film Greek Vendetta and it is the first official test and presentation of the Greek Supercar.
Main frame material : Stainless steel LDX 2101 with Aluminum 7075 elements
Front sub-frame: Aluminum 7075
Rear Sub-frame: Stainless steel 304, Aluminum 5083
Front: Aluminum 7075 control arms, connected via steel pushrods, aluminum rockers and steel springs to the rear swing arm of the same side
Rear: Stainless steel 304 swing arms, connected via steel pushrods, aluminum rockers and steel springs to the front control arm of the same side
Anti-roll bars: Diagonal connection of wheels, front left to right rear and vice-versa.
Dampers: Bilstein 9100, external bypass, custom design
Drive: All wheel drive, Locked 4WD or Rear wheel drive
Gearbox: Custom 6-speed manual gearbox, 3 final drives (normal, sports, trial)
Front Differential: OX Diff, pneumatic lock
Rear Differential: Auburn Gear ECTED LSD, Electromagnetic lock
Central Differential: Custom, worm gear type, mechanical lock.
Front Crown Wheel and Pinion: Custom
Rear Crown wheel and Pinion: Ford 3.73, 8.8”
Half shafts: Custom, floating type
CV-Joints: GKN
Hubs: SKF
Manufacturer: General Motors
Type: LS7 V8
Displacement: 7000cc
Power: 505hp @6300rpm
Torque: 637Nm @4800rpm
Compression ratio: 11:1
Front: AP Racing discs 362mm, 6 piston calipers
Rear: AP Racing discs 343mm, 4 piston calipers
Braid Winrace T 18”, Aluminium

Greek Vendetta is the first multirace gymkhana video produced in Patras Greece to advertise greek motorsport and drivers dexterity using different kind of vehicles.
Apostolis Papalexopoulos (FRENZY DRIFT TEAM) TOYOTA SUPRA 700hp
Mikis Kalogiratos (ENERGY Kart Greece) ENERGY KINETIC KZ2 TM
Hlias Mikes (KTM EX-C 250)
Takis Kaitatzis (Mitsubishi EVO 9 & Korres Project 4 Greek all terrain prototype)
Elisavet Dovliatidou (Miss Western Greece)
Nikos Pavlidis (Isorropistis NEVMA Music Group)
For first time in Europe a racing video is taking place in a real city (Patras - Greece)
Official Support:
GoPro Greece - Drakos Digital
KTM South East Europe
Music: Iakovos Gogua
1.Iakovos Gogua: My own
2.Iakovos Gogua: Winter (deep house remixed, radio edit and dubstep mix)
The Music production was made at Paris Kalpos Studio
Filmed by
Thanks to:
CARAVEL Patisserie Patras - LOUX COLA - GoPro - Drakos Digital - AIM Sportsline - 4 Τροχοί - - ΔΟΥΒΡΗΣ Α.Ε. - Plus Media - - Πίτα του Παππού- LeCont Tires - - PICK Patras - Jeanious Patras

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Postato 28 set 2015
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