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Robert Kubica vs Bartosz Marszałek
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GP d'Austria
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ePrix di Berlino V
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GT World Challenge Europe Sprint
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GT World Challenge Europe Endurance
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Corse Clienti Racing News no.1 - Monza


Corse Clienti Racing News is the web magazine dedicated to the Ferrari Challenge, XX Programmes, F1 Clienti and the Ferrari GT competitions. In the first issue, created in Monza on the occasion of the first appointment for the Challenge Italia and Europe, you can find news about the 458 Challenge’s debut on the track and the 458’s GT2 and GT3 versions. Furthermore, inside information, glamour and stories from the world of motorsport and the races with the clients and the professional client teams.

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Durata 10:00
Postato 3 ago 2011
Serie Ferrari
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