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Steam Power and the Isle of Man TT - 'Speed Lives Here' with Esso Synergy Part 4


A special day with the Cayman GT4, celebrating the launch of new Esso Synergy fuels, as we're on the Isle of Man visiting the Motor Museum, driving a steam powered car, and checking out the TT circuit, continuing our the theme 'Speed Lives Here'.
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The first port of call is the Isle of Man Motor Museum, for a quick look around with Darren, co-owner, and some of his highlights before I brave the rain to go for a test ride and drive in a 1907 Stanley Gentleman's Speedy Racer, a steam car that can reach 75mph from over one hundred years ago.

We then head to visit a private collection on the island, before checking out the famous motorbike TT circuit and some of the highlights from the Isle of Man.

This video was made possible by Esso Synergy. #sp

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Postato 3 dic 2015
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